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 home&yard.gif (4456 bytes)HOME & YARD ALERT SYSTEM:

A wireless detection and monitoring system packed with features. This system comes with two infra red sensor/transmitters with a range of up to 1000'. The sensors operate on a 9 volt battery, have a 40 degree field of view, sensitivity adjustment, and are completely weatherproof.BACKYARD.JPG (57907 bytes) The receiver has four separate zones to distinguish where activity is originating and it has separate accessory jacks for external options such as a extra loud outdoor siren, strobe light, X-10 module. Just use your imagination. The receiver also has a built in relay transmitter, alert volume control, adjustable alert timer, different alert tones, L.E.D.s for each zone and more...

HY1000 Standard (1000') version $389.00
(System includes 4 zone receiver and 2 sensor/transmitters)

HY2500 Long-Range (2500') version   $499.00
(System includes 4 zone long-range receiver and 2 sensor/transmitters)



System operation:
Each weatherproof transmitter is positioned where it can see the area that you want covered.  The unit has a 40 degree field of view and projects and invisible IR beam which will reach up to 40' depending on adjustment.  Any person, vehicle or large animal entering this area will cause a coded signal to be transmitted up to 1000' to the four-zone receiver located in your house or shop (2500' for the long-range version).  Each zone of the receiver emits its own unique tone to alert you of activity in that specific area.

Besides the features listed above, there are other types of transmitters and accessories that can be used with the Home & Yard Alert system.
(SEE Accessories Page)
Some examples are:
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ZONE #1  Sensor aiming across the entrance to your driveway. (Included with system)
ZONE #2  Sensor aiming across a pathway at the back of your property or entrance to your shop. (Included with system)
ZONE #3  Special "Mail Alert" sensor/transmitter attached to your mail box   lets you know "You've got mail!"  (Optional)
ZONE #4  Special "Low Water Alert" sensor/transmitter that alerts you when the well gets below a certain level.  (Optional)

Actually more than one sensor/transmitter can be coded to send an alert signal each ZONE.  As many as you want.

cabin.jpg (22681 bytes)Maybe you are supposed to watch the neighbors house or cabin down the road.  It might help if your neighbor bought you another sensor/transmitter and left it in his house to alert you if someone moves through its field of view.  Just another idea??





Catching crooks

Home and Yard Alert from Miltronics sends 16 drug dealers to jail.

 When one of our customers asked us to help solve a security problem in one of their cold-storage plants, we suggested the  “Home and Yard Alert” from Miltronics.


Here is the unbelievable scenario:

Our customer, in this case a cold storage company, noticed that someone had been stealing ammonia from one of their storage tanks. The culprits had actually used special custom fittings to tap the line from the storage tank on the roof of one of the large buildings.


Ammonia is used in the freezing process in many factories throughout the United States. This ammonia is not at all like the bottle that you buy in the grocery store, rather pure ammonia is so toxic that an ammonia spill or tank rupture can be deadly to all involved including anyone living downwind for a considerable distance, possibly for many city blocks.



We sold the Home and Yard Alert system (basic system consists of a 4-zone receiver and two transmitters) plus an additional two transmitters to the company, instructed them to place the transmitters in strategic areas around the compound and place the four-zone receiver in a secure office area. We then interfaced the receiver with their alarm system. Because the 4-zone Home and Yard Alert receiver has an individual output for each of the four zones, we were able to apply the outputs to individual zone inputs of the alarm system. We then informed the alarm monitoring company of the location of each transmitter and instructed them to call the maintenance technicians cell phone first and then the police along with zone and location information of the intruder.


The phone call came in at approximately 2 AM on a Sunday morning…


A week later, while in our store picking up parts for his department, the maintenance technician informed me that he arrived on the site, climbed up on the roof of the building with the zone-2 transmitter and found footprints in the frost, a set of tools in a black back-pack and a fire extinguisher painted black with a custom fitting and hose designed to tap the companies ammonia transfer pipe-line.


The police showed up at that time with a canine unit. The dog caught the crook within ten minutes while hiding in one of the outbuildings. The crook admitted steeling the ammonia for use in making drugs and after intensive interrogation (whatever that means) turned in fifteen of his fellow drug-manufacturing cohorts. They now will be residing in the county jail for the next few years. The Home and Yard alert did the job.


                                                                                                                Tony Springer



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